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At Innovative Vapors, our mission is to help people achieve their goal of quitting smoking. We realize the health risks of smoking cigarettes and how many people are stuck in a rut and not able to stop. Smoking yellows your teeth, harms your lungs, causes heart problems and much more. It really ages your body and stops once healthy people from being able to do as much as the would like.

Electronic Cigarette Phoenix

Our electronic cigarette vaporizers are indeed smoke free and do not contain all of the other harmful chemicals that are in cigarettes. The simulated smoking experience is key to having helped numerous people stop smoking, and it’s truly important which company and products you choose. We want you to make the best choice, so we are dedicated to providing the customer service you need as a guide to help you identify which product benefits you individually the best.

Smokeless Cigarettes Phoenix

If you’re not aware of the benefits of smokeless cigarettes compared to the consequences of traditional smoking, then it’s about time you discovered the truth. If you live in or close by the Phoenix area, we at Innovative Vapors invite you to pay a visit to one of our locations so that you can see the products first-hand.

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In fact, we take things up a notch by providing a tasting lounge for our E-Cigs so that you can taste different flavors we offer prior to making a purchase commitment. This is important because in many other different stores that sell E-Cigs, you have to pick a flavor and hope it works for you. And, it doesn’t always work out to be a flavor a person likes when they have to purchase this way. Even if you were to like the flavor, wouldn’t you like to sample different ones so that you not only get an E liquid you like but one that you like the absolute best?

E-cigarettes Phoenix

Our E-cigarettes provide you with a much safer alternative and are constructed using superior technology. Choose from a wide variety of E liquid flavors and different starter kits so that you can start your stop smoking campaign today. The cool thing about our electronic cigarettes is you’re simulating the smoking experience, in essence still able to smoke without the harmful effects.

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Our e-cigarette vaporizers are top-of-the line, as we have designed devices that are compliant with the new standards recognized within the industry. While you are urged to visit one of our shops if you’re in the area, you can also purchase items and accessories online if you’re not able to make it for a visit to our vape lounge in Phoenix, AZ.


Upon researching different options for E-cigarettes, you’re going to find that our inventory stands out above the rest. You don’t want to be stuck with a minimal amount of flavors or an outdated or sub par device available from some other companies. Instead, you want to know that you have bought a quality product that can see you reaching your goal of quitting smoking.

Our business was founded on this concept, and again our mission is to help you put down those cigarettes once and for all. It’s a personal mission for us as we got into this business after witnessing a close friend and others struggling with cigarette smoking messing with the way they lived their lives. Since this is the mission we strive to make a reality, we are dedicated to helping you find the best solution so that you’re enabled to really having a good chance for success. People in Phoenix and all over have realized that we at Innovative Vapors have your best interests at heart and truly care. Visit us today in Phoenix, Tempe, or Cottonwood Arizona for all your e-cig, e-cigarette, vaporizer, or smokeless cigarette needs.

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